Fabric filter collectors, Baghouses

Bag Filters and Baghouses are used throughout industries in a wide range of applications providing technical and commercially attractive solutions on processes which demand high collection efficiencies with related low dust emissions. We focus on delivering highly dependable fabric filter solutions for all your requirements. Our technology features a sophisticated gas and dust distribution system, perfect bag-to-cage match and on-line maintenance, resulting in the highest particulate removal efficiency at the lowest total cost of ownership. We have developed new filter types that provide reduced equipment weight and footprint and still with the goal of providing the emission reduction capabilities needed. These new filters minimize construction time and shipping cost, which means lower expenses. Our customizable fabric filter solutions offer significantly longer bag life, minimal maintenance and reliable, cost-effective operation that can deliver emissions below 2.5 mg/Nm³ depending on process data.

Some of its features and benefits are:

- In bag house with high capacity we have our unique gas distribution screens which are applicable for optimized dust and gas distribution and lead to longer bag life and greater overall efficiency.
- We have designed our advanced control system 
- With most optimized design of bag filter we use long filter bag technology that leads to enable us for smaller equipment footprint and reduces overall maintenance costs.
- With the newest cage line manufacture we can design – the star-shaped or round shape cage, start design improves bag lifetime by minimizing wear.
- Simple Inlet/Outlet duct layout – for ease of installation, maintenance and replacements.
- We are available 24/7 and our customer can rely on JDEVS air pollution control center