The Iranian National Center for Genetic and Biologic Resources

Increasing of world population in coming decades will cause an important challenge for human community about sustainable development for production of sufficient food and to achieve a healthy community. Biological resources are as important as other natural resources like water, soil and weather. Paying attention to enormous diversity of animal, plant and microorganism species and to their application will result in national sustainable development.
Because of the great importance of biological resources in life sciences and according to the endorsement of supreme leader of I.R. Iran, Iranian Biological Resources Center was established on 2008 under the authority of Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR). Main goal of this center is improving of national researches for collection, preservation and studying of biological resources. Accordingly, in addition to supporting of other biological resource centers of the country as well as establishing of national network of biological resources, This center will attempt to be the pioneer center for collection, completion, organization, standardization and preservation of biological resources to achieve the development of life science and technology, enhancement of life quality and hygiene, improvement of food safety and preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

Attaining a pioneer center for "collection, identification, quality control, classification, registration, preservation, propagation and distribution of types of microorganisms and propagable cells like bacteria, fungi, viruses, types of plant and animal cells and genomic DNA and artificial nucleic acid products" to achieve the development of life science and technology, enhancement of life quality and hygiene, preservation of natural resources and globalization of  researches and collaborations.

1- Identification, preparation, and collection of microorganisms, human and animal cells, plant cells and seeds from native and foreign resources.
2- Preparation of DNA bank from native and foreign resources.
3- Preparation, control and collection of DNA Vectors and their hosts for Biotechnological usage.
4- Supporting of BioBanks in other research centers and universities, Also quality control, identification and preservation of their samples (Backing up) for future uses.
5- Registration of newly identified Microorganisms, plant & animal cells and DNA molecules as an act of Intellectual Property.
6- Developing relevant regulations, guidelines to be authorized by proper references for preservation of native biological resources.
7- Classification and registration of scientific information and data exists in research centers and universities of the country and development of data bank and network for microorganisms, cells, plant species and DNA molecules to provide research centers, universities and     industrial centers.
8- Establishment of scientific collaboration with national and international researchers, research centers and banks to improve the scientific situation of the center nationally, regionally and internationally.

- Human and Animal Cells Bank
Department of Human and Animal Cells is one of four collections of the Iranian Biological Resource Center, and attempts to provide a reliable and applicable substructure in line with main goals of this Center to expedite life sciences and related technologies.

•    Cell lines distribution
•    Quality control and contamination of cell cultures
•    Toxicity assessment services
•    Genetics services

Plant Bank
Collection, conservation and management of the plant materials in Iran are the goals of the department. Creating information networks and information services for researchers and related institutes will be the next step.

•    Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity (DPPH)
•    Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity (FRAP)
•    Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity (POD)
•    Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity (CAT)
•    Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity (SOD)
•    Total phenol analysis
•    Total flavonoid analysis
•    Phytochemical analysis with RP-HPLC
•    Total protein analysis
•    SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis
•    PAGE Electrophoresis
•    Zymogram
•    Preparation of essential oil
•    Preparation of extract
•    Plant scientific name determination
•    Mitosis and meiosis spread preparation
•    Diverse range of molecular analyses
•    In vitro conservation (short-term, medium-term and long-term conservation) of disease free plantlets
•    Providing different kinds of plant materials (seed, living plant, essential oil and extract) 
•    Micropropagation of different plant species
•    Exchange of in vitro germplasm with other organizations
•    Research service facilities

Microorganisms Bank

1-    Order microorganisms

•    Offering of freeze-dried Ampoule of microorganisms    
•    Offering of microorganisms as Actively Growing culture   
•    Reactivation of freeze-dried Ampoule and preparation of its Actively Growing culture    
•    Preparation