Learning / Development/ Innovation

ACECR  educational activities for developing human resources with diverse training capacities throughout the country.


Fields of Activity:

- Higher Education (20,000 students, More than 70,000 graduates)

- Short Term General and Professional Courses (900,000 students, more than 11,000,000 milion graduates)

- International Educational Cooperation


Higher Education

- ACECR  higher educations activities focus on developing postgraduate courses based on its research capabilities  in the following institutes.

- The University of Science and Culture (USC) 
- The University of Science and Art
- 6 ACECR Higher Education Institutes
- 41 Applied Science and Technology Higher Educational Institutes throughout the country
- More than 171 training centers  affiliated to ACECR Branches and Research Institutes providing short courses


The University of Science and Culture (USC)

- The main campus of the university at Tehran and four branches at Esfahan, Rasht, Hamedan and Kashmar.
- 20 undergraduate (BSc., BA, BE) and 6 graduate (MSc. ,ME) programs.
- 70 full-time faculty members,  approximately 300 part-time faculty members and a capacity of about 10,000  students

The University of Science and Art

Founded: 1996
Capacity: 2000 Student
Academic Programs: 24

Higher Educational Institutes

- Khuzestan Higher Education Institute
- Kermanshah Higher Education Institute
- Rasht Higher Education Institute
- Kashamr Higher Education Institute
- Hamedan Higher Education Institute
- Isfahan Higher Education Institute

Applied Science and Technology Higher Educational Institutes 
 41 branches, capacity of 160,000 students, 1065 fields of applied science

The biggest non-governmental academic institute in Iran with 2 universities and 6 higher education institutes and 1 autonomous faculty

- One of the biggest Applied Science and Technology institute in Iran with more than 41 Applied Science and technology centers

- Superior Organization in developing and Technology institute expertise-oriented, skill-based, job-oriented, product-oriented

- Possibility for communication with advanced higher and specialized international education centers along with issuing joint certificate

- Having postgraduate in both research-based and course-based

Close to 3 decades of presence in higher education system of country

- Having more than 1065 training course titles

- More than 210,000 graduates from initiating till now


Short-course specialized training realm

- An effective educational institute in national and international area

- 171 short-course specialized centers all over the country with the capacity of more than 1 million students trained a year

- Prominent and innovative and enjoying the ability of designing, developing and implementing training courses in order to meeting society needs

- Continuous market monitoring, educational need assessment with concentration on breeding professional for future careers

- Designing, developing and enacting more than 1000 course in 9 specialized training group

- Performer of training course for managers and employees of executive organizations and also in charge of holding training course of pre-recruitment in country

- Ability of preparing standard identification of career training in specialized organizations and other executive organizations in country

- Capable of developing, compiling books, producing references, software and specialized educational courses.

- Top organization in providing educational services and enabling of governmental and non-governmental employees in order to make and increase career skills

- Permitted organization in holding periodical and recruitment exams in country

- Performer of evaluation of professional managers’ qualifications in executive organizations

- Capable to rank and enable the teachers and instructors

- Proving enabling  and educational services to more than 3 million people of executive organizations employees and managers and also approximately 11 million graduates in short-courses  from the initiating  of our activities till no

- Providing specialized educational service to Middle East and Islamic countries

- Signing collaborations agreement with more than 200 executive organizations and 20 international collaboration agreement in educational fields.

International Educational Cooperation

- “Persian language and literature” courses offered for instructors and students from many other countries.

- “Laser medicine” courses organized together with Moscow Laser Research Institute

- Joint “Laser fellowship program” with German partner for dentists.