FM Radio Transmitters

Technical Specifications:

- Nominal output power :10000 watts can be increased upto 10% (20000watts)
- Output connector(female) : 7.16 inch
- Deviation of nominal frequency : +/- 75 KHz
- The power efficiency : 60%(DC to RF)
- Pre-emphasis 50 and 75 micro seconds(switchable)
- Protection systems for current, voltage, temperature and back
- Isolation between two Stereo bands: greater than 40 dB
- Harmonic attenuation to the main carrier, higher than 65dB
- THD at nominal frequency deviation better than 55 dB
- Remote control transmitter through the serial port
- Attenuation 19 kHz after noise filtering, higher than 45 dB
- Adjustable frequency step 10 kHz or 100 kHz (PLL circuit)
- Frequency band from 87.5 to 108 MHZ(no need to set if frequency changes)
- Weighted signal to noise greater than 65 dB(Mono)at 75 kHz frequency deviation
- Unweighted signal to noise greater than 70 dB(Mono-at 75 kHz frequency deviation)

Special Features:

- Protection VSWR(as Recycle)
- Central monitoring and control of the transmitter (MCU)
- Switching power supply with high efficiency and active PFC
- IP-Based remote control system(Optional)
- Automatic power control of RF power modules (APC)
- Stereo modulator and also possible to get MPX input
- Basic parameters monitoring system and registry errors
- System for recording the current status of transmitter (Rack Memory)
- Ability to broadcasting digital data with RDS protocol (Optional)
- Voice input range from -10mdB to +10mdB(adjustable)
- Dual excitation system with manual switch and automatic in emergency
- All-transistor power amplifiers(MOSFET technology is used)
- The transmitter can continue working without interruption in case of outages and damage 
 to a power module