Propagated Plantlets through Tissue Culture

Availability knowledge about propagation of some important Micropropagation of cut flower plants like:

- Gerbera hybrida
- Anthurium andraeanum 
- Alstreomeria spp 
- Dianthus caryophyllus 
- Lilium sp

Availability knowledge about micropropagation of pot plants such as:

- Begonia sp 
- Saintpaulia ionantha
- Gloxinia speciosa
- Discocactus horstii
- Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
- Hippeastrum vittatum

- Seed production in some ornamental plants such as Gerbera and Anthurium

Product specifications:

- Uniformity in propagated plantlets
- No fungus, bacterial or virus disease infection in produced plantlets
- Rapid propagation of individuals and produce many similar plants
- Propagation without environmental limits
- Continue production and propagation of plants during the year