Semi Industrial Food Extrusion Pilot

Due to high consumption of Extruded Snack foods andtheir nutritional concerns and consumer behaviors, Production of healthy Snack Foods has been challengeabletopics recent years, This subject regards to targetcommunity which mostly comprised of children& students has been emphasized.
Development of Functional Food market,suitabilityof extrusion for food processing besideshigh-yield production, wide variety of different types of products, low cost production andlow amount ofsewerage are the most advantages of this kind of Production method.
Food sciences and technologies institute- ACECR Khorasan razavi, in order to integrate and industrializeits research activities, has established semi industrialfood extrusion pilot for the first time In Iran:

- Extruded snack containing legume seeds and their sprouts
- Extruded snack containing cereal seeds
- Sesame extruded snack
- Extruded snack containing bakery by products
- Fiber-enriched extruded snack
- Functional fiber supplements
- Extruded wheat bran
- Functional textured vegetable protein
- Instant beverage based on extruded flour
- Functional feed containing flax seed (omega 3)
- Functional, low fat flavoring coatings