Special Converters & Inverters


Extensive ranges of JDEVS inverters power provide reliable continuous power for high performance applications. UPS systems are produced in the power range of 5 KVA to 250 KVA based on international standard specifications, and are designed particularly to meet customer specific demands. 
The systems have been configured in a way to protect sensitive loads against the main disturbances such as, power failures, voltage variations and surge transients,  spike and frequency variations. PWM-based inverter transforms DC power to AC with overload capacity for fuse blowing and fault clearance. Heavy-duty design and out-standing performance of these uninterruptible units help users to avoid of annoying power problems.


- Configuration as a single/dual load share hot standby mode

- Three level PWM and vector control technology

- IGBT based inverter, with high efficiency

- Analog or DSP control unit