Connected Vehicle Technology


Safety: awaring about surrounding situations by making alerts such as emergency brake warning, emergency vehicle arrival warning, accident occurrence warning, sidetrack-to-main-road vehicle arrival warning, informing vehicles about road traffic status of the out-of-sight regions, and etc.;

Traffic: electronic toll collection, emergency vehicle prioritization, proposing optimal route and estimating travel time, intelligent park system, and etc.;

Environment: optimizing the scheduling of traffic signals to decrease fuel consumption, transmitting some recommendations compatible with environment to the drivers, and etc.;

Other applications: on-time informing the driver by sending the alerts to change or repair the defective components, electronic toll collection according to crossed distance, distance-based insurance


ACECR Experiences

- CVT Pilot in two areas:

- Road area: Tehran-Rasht freeway (338 Km)

- Urban area: Qazvin city located in the middle way of Tehran-Rasht freeway

- Producing and integration of hardware and software components of the product

- Production and development of basic software and basic processing

- Developing real-time software for communication between RSE and vehicles (V2I)

- Developing real-time software for vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V) based on safety

- RSU installation in the freeway and the urban area

- OBU installation on buses, passenger vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, emergency vehicles, and private cars