Laser Therapy

Clinical researches about application of laser in dermatology, surgery and rehabilitation

- Optimization of laser applications
- Photodynamic therapy
- Application of low power lasers
- Educational program,short-term postgraduate and skill labs for physicians

Available Services in Laser Therapy:

- Laser treatment for vitiligo

- Laser - Biomaterial

- Laser treatment for chronic wounds of diabetes

- Photo dynamic therapy for virulent cutaneous mucousal lesions

- Laser treatment for oral mocosity caused by radiotherapy, chemotherapy and bone marrow - transplantation

- Laser treatment for pain relief of mucousal lesions like pemphigus


The Way of Treatment

- Autologous melanocytes, the Royan Cell Therapy Center product, is derived from the patient's normal skin.

- Biopsies from the buttock of patients are the source of melanocytes which are isolated and used for the correction of vitiligo.

- Prior to final packaging cell visibility is assessed to be at least 100%.

- Melanocyte suspension cells manufactured with sterile components under aseptic conditions within the final package.

- These cells implanted via a fine gauge needle (gauge No 30)