Entrepreneurship, Commercialization and Job Creation


Technology Commercialization Organization & Graduates Occupation (TCOGO) 

Vision: One academic graduate, one entrepreneur

Introduction (about TCOGO):

 ACECR as a chain connection between university and Society established OCOAG in 2001, which assistance to increase and development employment for academic graduates. Since 2014 after changing it’s in structured chart, added new duty: facilitating commercialization the mature technologies in ACECR and transfer it to knowledge – based companies.     

 Main addressees: University students, University graduates, Entrepreneurs, Jobseekers, Employers, Policy or decision makers, Investors, start up, SME.

Mission: Commercialization the ACECR produced technologies and Empowerment of graduate:
- Organizing the system of career guidance and consultation adequate to the     society needs.
- Developing and promotion entrepreneurship culture and knowledge based jobs   in society by encouraging the self –efficiency.
- Recognizing and introducing new gob opportunities 
- Assistance to registration and development the STP, Incubators and   knowledge- based companies. 

Employment and Entrepreneurship

- Developmental institute in the field of employment and small businesses

- Pioneer in implementing employment pattern projects and entrepreneurship for   graduates

- Designing and providing varied job services based on notification systems such as “Jobiran”

- Superior organization in providing educational services to students and   graduates in the field of employment and entrepreneurship

- Training of Entrepreneurship and commerce skills with cooperation of some   international organizations like” UNIDO”, “JICA”, UNESCO” “ILO”

- Studying the employments and entrepreneurship opportunities in home   businesses and developing 150 innovative jobs titles in this filed

- Designing and formulating new pattern of developing home businesses with     concentration on developing sale market and stabilizing that in order to   implement throughout the country

- Implementing the project of new pattern in developing home business for   20,000 people in 9 provinces in the country

- Performing the national project of home business for more than 54,300 people   in 31 provinces throughout the country

- Implementing the project of enabling breadwinners women for more than 6,200   people in 24 provinces

- Performing the project of comprehensive career guidance system for students   and graduates

- Performing recovering and enabling small businesses influenced of Corona   (1600 businesses with cooperation of UNDP) in the country

- Formulating and publication applicable, educational and extendable resources   and texts in the field of business skills and entrepreneurship

- Providing enabling services in the field of employment and entrepreneurship to   more than 500,000 jobseekers

- Cooperating with executive institutes in performing projects of employment and   entrepreneurship development for graduates

- Extending entrepreneurship culture and helping to convert the youth ideas and   graduates to new businesses with holding more than 300 entrepreneurship   events

- Rapid reaction project to social- economic effect of Covid 19 in Tehran   province, Mallard city