Cell therapy

Stem cells are cells that can be defined based on two characteristics. First, stem cells can divide themselves to produce many other cells that are fundamentally similar to the same primary cell and have the same basic properties. This feature helps in maintaining the body’s stem cell reservoir. Secondly, stem cells can mature and change into other cells that are responsible for performing specific functions, such as heart muscle cells, nerves and skin. This feature happens due to the need to replace worn or dead cells with young cells which have special functions.

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)

Cell and Stem cell Therapy 

Performing more than 30 clinical trial in treating of various diseases: 
1.    Vitiligo (skin disease)
2.    Brain Injuries
3.    Chronic renal failure
4.    Liver diseases
5.    Nk cell therapy in cancer
6.    Chronic wound
7.    Infertility
8.    Heart diseases
9.    Covid-19


Celltech Pharmed

Celltech Pharmed-Stem Cell Company was established in February 2013. In 2016, it succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 standard certificate and the ISO 10015 standard certificate. In September 2017, Celltech factory was put into operation. The Renudermcell product was unveiled in February 2017 by this company and following that GMP certificate (BIO-96-71) was obtained. The factory was officially opened in May 2016. In December 2016, the product of Mesestrocell was unveiled, and the license for phase 4 of Recolorcell product was obtained. In May 2009, Celltech Pharmed-Stem Cell received the GMP certificate (BIO-98-113), and in June 2009, it was able to renew the ISO 9001: 2015 standard certificate.

- Autologous
- Renudermcell- Cell therapy for skin damage- wrinkles
- Recolorcell – Vitiligo cell therapy
- Mesestrocell: Cell therapy for osteoarthritis
- Monucell- Heart failure in cell therapy

Cell, Genetic and Biological Recourses: 

- Human and animal cell bank
- Molecular Bank
- Cord blood bank
- Stem cell bank
- Bank of Microorganisms
- Menstrual blood stem cell bank
- Human ovary bank

Wartocell: Transplantation of allogeneic cell for the treatment of cerebral palsy