Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

- Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries: Pumps, Compressors, Extruders, Mixers and Blowers 
- Cement, Mining and Minerals Industries: Conveyors, Crushers, Mills, Mine Hoists, Fans and Pumps
- Power Generation Industry: Fans, Pumps, Conveyors and Coal Mills
- Water and Wastewater Industry: Pumps
- Transportation Industry: Traction Electro motors of Metro, Trains and Ships

- Metals Industries: Fans and Pumps
- Pulp and Paper Industries: Fans, Pumps, Refiners, Vacuum -Pumps and Chippers
- Other Applications: Test Stands and Wind Tunnels

Key Features:
Compatible with old and new electric motors, Modular design and high reliability, Low Harmonic  Distortion at input current and output voltage, Five level inverter, 24 pulse rectifier, Industrial HMI and communication, Compact design

Technical Specifications
- Input Supply: 4.16 to 20 kV - 50/60 Hz
- Output Voltage: 3.3, 4.16, 6, 6.6 kV
- Output Frequency: Up to 120 Hz
- Output Power: Up to 10MW
- Efficiency: Around 97%
- Power Factor: Around 97%
- Duty Cycle: Continuous
- Cooling Method: Forced Air Cooled/ Water Cooled
- Operating Temperature: 1 to 40 °C
- Protection Class: IP21 to IP42