Hybrid Seeds

Iran is one of the main producers of vegetable and summer crops in the world in addition is the fifth largest producer of vegetables and summer crops all over the world, also having high potential in genetic diversity, being rich in biological resources in the field of vegetables and summer crops so that enable country to meet national and international consumable needs. Considering the shortage water resources in Iran, one of the necessities in developing of greenhouse culturing is developing technology in Hybrid seeds of vegetables and summer crops. This technology brings about self-sufficiency in importing hybrid seeds and some other appropriate seeds according to country climate condition, increasing vegetables production amount, developing export and optimizing water consumption in agriculture industry as well.

Some achievements of this project would be as follows:

- Providing infrastructure and necessary greenhouse and laboratory equipment for producing hybrid seed of vegetables and summer crops.

- Producing unique lines and vegetables and summer crops hybrids, for example producing more than 500 lines in half a hectare. 

- Achieving other technologies related to this field namely reverse modifying, Morphometric, molecular, phytochemical evaluation and banking of germplasm resources