Tank Prover

Tank Prover

Equipment Description:

The Tank Prover System consists of an accurate Flow Meterprecise graduated neck Tank, pumping system and counter and measuring system. For very first time this system is equipped with PLC base fully automated control and measuring facilities by the efforts of the ACECR researchers and engineers. With this important improvement, in addition to ease the application of this equipment the human based errors in measurement and calculation is turned to zero. The Tank Prover is mainly used for calibration and verification of the oil export terminals which smallest errors in measurement may cause a huge benefits loss for the oil exporter. Therefore the accuracy of the Tank Prover has a great importance in the whole procedure of the design and construction of this system is done in Iran and no reverse engineering or copying is used in any stepsAs a result the technology of design and construction of the precise test measures and volume measurement systems is indigenous domestically.


- Tank Volume: 300 U.S. Gallons

- Maximum Flow Rate: 200  GPM

- Control: PLC Based Fully Automatic

- Tank Accuracy: 0.025 Gallons

- Tank Uncertainty: 0.02%

- Flow Meter Type: Positive Displacement

- Flow Meter Accuracy: 0.005 U.SGallons

- Flow Meter Repeatability: 0.02%


- Calibration of the Oil Export Terminals Verification of the Liquid Volume Measurement

Reference List: 

- Iranian Oil Terminal Company