Gas Cooling Tower (GCT) & Wet Scrubber

Gas Cooling Tower (GCT)

Gas Cooling Tower can be used for any cooling of gases – such as preheater exhaust, cooler excess air and kiln bypass systems and etc– before they are conveyed to mills and filters. The hot exhaust gases enter the top section of the vertical, cylindrically shaped and insulated tower, and are drawn through the cooling tower by a fan. Some of the dust from the gases is precipitated 
and collected in the bottom hopper of the conditioning tower and extracted by a conveyor and the rest of it with lower temperature will  enter  ESP or Baghouse.

JDEVS has resumed in the field of use of GCT before ESP and we are one of the first companies that uses GCT before Bag house in order to reduce temperature 


Wet Scrubber

In this type of filtration, the gas which is result of the process enters the dust in a scrubber compartment and mixed with water in various ways. The dust particles are taken away with water.

The biggest disadvantage of this system is the use of water (due to limited water resources) and corrosion of the system, as well as the efficiency of this type of filter is less than the ESP and Baghouse filter and the advantages of this system are simplicity and low cost equipment.