Production of the Embryo from the Superior Cow Breeds

In Vitro Production of the Embryo from the Superior Cow Breeds with the Aim of Reducing Production Costs

Executive Summary

After about 10 years of activity in the field of reproductive biotechnology in farm animals, Avicenna Research Institute of ACECR has targeted to replicate the best and rare breeds of cows in recent years, focusing on the functionalization of technical knowledge of “in vitro production of embryos using the oocytes collected from live cows by ultrasonographic technique (ovum pick up: OPU)”. The significant features of this technology has led to economic growth and has been as a turning point in the livestock industry of the developed countries in the world through accelerating the genetic improvement and reducing 20% -30% of production costs through:

1. Propagation of superior cows of the selected breeds (ability to produce annually more than 40 embryos from each cow)

2. Proliferation of the particular and rare breeds of cows (dairy and beef cattle)

3. Encouraging targeted pregnancy (producing the embryo with desired gender) 

Some of the Most Important Techniques Used in This Technology Include:

1. Localization of ultrasound-guided oocyte aspiration (ovum pick up)

2. Localization of in vitro embryo production (in vitro production: IVP)

3. Stabilization of embryo cryopreservation in direct embryo transfer method (direct transfer)

4. Establishment of embryo bank with the desired sex from pure and superior cows of valuable breeds.

The main goals of the Projects:

1. Helping to increase food security

2. Reducing meat imports by creation of pure herds of superior beef cattle breeds for the first time in Iran

3. eduction of production costs by 20-30% through proliferating of premium herd animals

4. Utilization of targeted pregnancy technology

5. Replacing herd animals with more favorable performance indicators such as: disease resistance, functional longevity, better fertility, higher milk and meat production, resistance to environmental stress, and so on.