Cell therapy

Cell therapy for Bone Injuries:

For the first time In Iran, Cell Therapy Center of Royan Institute applied mesenchymal stem cells as a therapeutic tools in bone and cartilage defects because of their self-renewal and differentation capacity.

Steps for treatment: 
- Aspiration of bone marrow 
- Culturing separated mesenchymal stem cells
- Injection of autologous bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells in the site of bone and cartilage defects.

Advantage: Treatment  without no complication.

Cell therapy for Corneal Injuries:

Our current technique for autologous limbal transplantation

- Accurately diagnose LSCD (erroneous diagnosis may subject the patient to unnecessary surgeries)
- Culturing the donor tissue (1x2 mm) on amniotic membrane
- Proliferation of limbal stem cells for 14 days (3x3 cm)
- Transplantation

Cell therapy for Heart diseases:

- Transplantation of BM-derived CD133+ cells in patients with acute myocard infraction during PCI

- Transplantation of BM-derived mononuclear cells in patients with acute myocard infraction during CABG

- Patients with acute myocardial infraction who have inclusion criteria for our study are candidate for cell therapyPatients undergo bone marrow aspiration and the cell will be separated and injected to heart during PCI or CABGThese cells can increase ejection fraction of heart and decrease the size of scar and improve  quality of  life.

Cell therapy for Liver diseases:

- Cell-based therapies for chronic and acute liver disorders inspired new hope and promise for patients. Functional cells can provide and support decompensated liver and help patients to pass this critical situation.

- Royan Institute has started authorized clinical trials to evaluate patients after autologous bone  marrow derived stem cells.

- These cells are transferred to liver via portal vein under sonography guide. Different cell type are applied in this study, for example CD133+ cells and MNCs as well as MSCs. This procedure consists of different steps, first we collect bone marrow aspirate from iliac crest, and then this aspirate is fractionized regarding the certain types of cells. After that, these cells are introduced into portal vein.

- Early findings in these situations, shows relative improvement in some signs and symptoms.


Human cultured fibroblast product

Fibroblasts are located in dermis, they synthesize the extra cells and collagen and they play a critical role in wound healing. We use these kinds of cells to remove wrinkles in the face, so we inject cultured fibroblast cells.

It is taken from post auricular biopsy, after that it is cultured in a special culture medium, and with 3 weeks interval 20×106 is injected in depth of dermal scar in 3 steps.


- Treatment of wrinkle (e.g. in face)

- Treatment of Acne scar (or scar of kitchen pox)