Entrepreneurship, Commercialization and Job Creation


Technology Commercialization Organization & Graduates Occupation (TCOGO) 

Introduction (about TCOGO):

 ACECR as a chain connection between university and Society established OCOAG in 2001, which assistance to increase and development employment for academic graduates. Since 2014 after changing it’s in structured chart, added new duty: facilitating commercialization the mature technologies in ACECR and transfer it to knowledge – based companies.     

 Main addressees :University students, University graduates, Entrepreneurs, Jobseekers, Employers, Policy or decision makers, Investors, start up, SME.
 Mission: Commercialization the ACECR produced technologies and Empowerment of graduate:
- Organizing the system of career guidance and consultation adequate to the society needs.
-Developing and promotion entrepreneurship culture and knowledge based jobs in society by encouraging the self –efficiency.
-recognizing and introducing new gob opportunities 
-Assistance to registration and development the STP, Incubators and knowledge- based companies. 
Vision:    A Graduate, an entrepreneur

Field of activity:
Department of Empowerment and careers and entrepreneurship research

Department of Commercialization and STP & Incubators management
Department of investment and managing companies and institutions
Science and Technology Parks and Incubators

Rooyesh Information & Communication Technology Incubator
Kermanshah Province Technology Incubator
Hormozgan Province Technology Incubator
medicinal plants Technology Incubator
North- Khorasan Province technology Incubator
Avicenna health technology Incubator
Royan biotechnology Incubator
Lorestan Province technology Incubator
Telecommunication Advanced units technology Incubator
West eslamabad technology Incubator
Urmieh agriculture technology Incubator
Songhor and Qoliaei technology Incubator
Kermanshah Information & Communication Technology Incubator
Kangavar Technology Incubator 
Ravansar Technology Incubator
Sarpol-e-zahab Technology Incubator
Ilam Agriculture and medicinal plants Technology Incubator
Ardebil medicinal plants Technology Incubator
Mahalat and nimvar Technology Incubator

Vision: One academic graduate, one entrepreneur