Mushroom Products


Over the last two decades, edible mushrooms have been considered one of the most prominent functional foods.  They have earned this reputation based on a body of information demonstrating that edible mushrooms are excellent sources of fiber, essential oils, protein (including all the essential amino acids), vitamins, minerals, lectins, and bioactive compounds.  In addition, edible mushrooms possess bioactive compounds that confer various biological activities, including antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cholesterol activities. Over recent decades, mushroom technology has significantly advanced in Iran and has found a commendable place in the market.  However, what is currently more known about mushrooms is their protein content, whilst their other significant medicinal or nutritional properties are largely overlooked.  Therefore, there is apparently a low public awareness on specific medical properties of mushrooms.  
Industrial Fungi Biotechnology Research Department has launched semi-pilot scale production of various edible and medicinal mushrooms.  In addition it produces other related products, including commercial spawn, maternal spawn and mycelial mother cultures.  




Quality and characteristics




Commercial spawn (the white button and oyster mushrooms)

Mushroom farms

Produced from free, high yielding maternal spawn

Ready to inoculate compost


Maternal pure spawn

Spawn makers, mushroom farms

Produced from pure, first generation hyrbids, contaminated free

Ready to inoculate


Mother cultures

Spawn makers, research institutes

Contaminated free, pure mycelium culture, first generation hybrid


for further multiplication, inoculation of maternal spawn


Medicinal mushroomPleurotus eryngii

Fresh market

Organic mushroom, has natural antioxidants, an excellent energy booster, has low calorie, sugar, and fat,  has an effect on controlling insulin, a fibrous food, improving blood levels                     

Ready to eat