Diagnosis and treatment of breast Cancer


Public awareness


Public education (meeting, educational class,...)
Special education ( biannual congress,..)

-2      Statistics & Field research

-3      Screening

Research in the fields of:

  •  Diagnosis
  •  Treatment
  •  Rehabilitation
  •  Quality of life

-4      Writing prognostic & treatment protocol
-5      Publication

Iranian Journal of Breast Disease
Education  at Booklets

Clinical services:

Diagnosis and treatment of breast disease
Diagnosis  and treatment of  breast cancer
   Diagnostic mammography
   Diagnostic sonography
     - Interventional imaging
   Stereotactic biopsy
   Sonoguided biopsy
   Wire localization
   Sonoguided localization
   Core needle “, excisional ,…

-  Surgery
   Modified radical mastectomy  
Breast conserving surgery
   Sentinel LN biopsy
•     Chemotherapy
•     Radiotherapy
•     Hormone therapy
•     Follow-up of patients
•     Rehabilitation:
Lymphedema clinic 
Psychiatry and consultation clinic
•     Genetic consultation
•     Gynecology clinic