Submerged Rotary Jet (SRJ)


Submerged Rotary Jet (SRJ)

This device is replaced by the mixers. Experiments show that less than 30 hours is required in petroleum sludge using SRJ fully be suspended and be removed from the tank floor. One of the main advantages of this system is the saving in electricity.

Technical Specifications:

     Inlet momentum of the designed SRJ system: 1 N.m

    Output momentum: 5 KN.m

     Gearbox input cycle: 400 rmp

     Nozzle diffusion length for a tank with a diameter of 109

     Casing material: Alloy UNS C95500 – Brinell hardness of 200

Benefits and features:

    measure the correct quantity of oil storage
    excellent and perfect drainage of oil from the reservoir tank during evacuation
    Elimination of unnecessary operations on oil
    lower cost of installation and maintenance
    simple structure with excellent durability