MW / AM Radio Transmitters


MW / AM Radio Transmitters
 More than 100 transmitter units with output powers from 1 to 1000 kilowatts are installed in Iran and some neighboring countries. 
Technical specifications and Innovations:
Use of long-life solid-state
Switching technology with efficiency greater than 90%
MOSFETs instead of vacuum tubes
PWM modulation technology
Fully modular design
In-module error control using programmable ICs.
Reliability and ease of installation, repair and maintenance
Combination of serial and parallel power combining in 1000KW transmitter.
fluctuations compensation of the mains power.
Manufacturing of 20KV/260V power transformer in a special design for 2.4MVA power
Design and manufacture of 2.4MW rectifier with a special inductance filter for 6000A current
Design and implementation of control and monitoring system through PC
Mobile MW Radio Transmitters:
One of the other products in this category is the mobile MW transmitter that is suitable for using in critical conditions and disasters. It can be installed and becomes operatable in less than 48 hours.
100KW output power in the whole of MW band
All requirements of a radio broadcasting site with fast installation capability
Ability of installation and operation everywhere.