Herbal Infusions

Antomina Tea:

- Containing: Coriander seeds, dill seeds, dried lime

- Treatment of Cholesterol

-  Adjusting sugar blood

- Helping to decrease digest and tympanites and bloat


Anti-diabetic Tea:

- Containing: Fenugreek seeds, nettles leaf, dried lime

- Lowering sugar blood for non-insulin diabetics, therefore using this along with diet in the first stage of this disease would be effective.

- Influencing on cholesterol and Triglyceride so that it could be a proper supplementary in preventing of cholesterol and atherosclerosis in diabetics.


Diuretic Tea:

- Containing: celery seeds, yellow sweet clover, horsetail

- Disinfectant of the urinary tract and renal ducts

- Remedy for bladder and renal colic

- Removing gout

- Eliminating signs related to uric acid

- Blood purifier


Lavender Tea:

Since ancient times, lavender has been used to treat many different ailments, including:

- mental health issues
- anxiety
- insomnia
- depression
- headaches
- hair loss
- nausea
- acne
- toothaches
- skin irritations
- cancer



- lower blood pressure
- stop coughing
- boost your immunity
- disinfect
- get rid of pests
- good smells
- boost your mood


- Relieving coughs
- Improving dry mouth
- Protecting against ulcers
- Soothing skin irritation
- Healing wounds
- Protecting the throat from gastric reflux