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Standardized Herbal extract

Institute of Medicinal Plants, is one of the leading providers of standardized herbal extracts and phytochemicals used for nutritional, pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals and food products, which are genuine, effective, safe and consistent
Standardized Herbal extract is a concentrated dried residue of herb after extracting with alcohol or water. Normally the fluid used in the extraction is critical since it must extract all of the important medicinal ingredients present in the fresh or dry herb. The solvent varies as per constitution of herb, and ranges from water to alcohol to even liquid carbon dioxide coupled with criticality of extraction temperature and length of time. Preparation of herbal extract involves various processes like maceration, percolation, soxhlation, water or air reflux, distillation and vacuum drying.
Extraction is the process of obtaining the constituents of an herb by means of a suitable solvent. By this process, the indigestible woody fiber (cellulose) and other insoluble material are left behind, so that only the soluble parts of the whole herb end up in the preparation. The solvent(s) that are chosen depend on the constituents present in the herb. The descriptions and directions below apply to when using an alcohol water mixture as the solvent.
Herbal extracts can be standardized in two ways; one is based on identifying and quantifying an extract to a characteristic chemical marker compound and the second, identifying and quantifying an extract to one or more active constituents.
Institute of Medicinal Plants is a leading supplier of standardized herbal extracts and bulk herbal extracts from Iran. Our range of products includes standardized extracts of , Eucalyptus globulus extract, Thyme exteract, Passion Flower dried extract ,Matrica chamomilla exteract etc. for various indications like weight management, blood sugar management, gut health, lung health, memory boosting, immune health, heart health, joint health, sports nutrition, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pharmaceutical aid, cholesterol management, liver tonic etc.
Every batch of these standardized herbal extracts is tested for:
• Pesticide residues
• Heavy metal residues
• Aflatoxin residues
• Microbial residues
To ensure and confirm to International specifications.

kinds of plant extracts:

• Eucalyptus globulus extract
• Thyme exteract
• Passion Flower dried extract
• Matrica chamomilla exteract
• Mentha extract


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