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Automatic Apparatus for Pouring Soil, Seed and Preparing Rice Seedling Trays


The automatic apparatus for preparing rice seedling trays has been designed and manufactured with the aim of replacing hard traditional nursery making procedures with a new technique applicable for rice, tomato, eggplant, sugar beet, ornamental flowers, etc. Using the apparatus allows optimum exploitation of water and avoidance of encountering plants to low temperature stress through transition of trays into greenhouses and eliminating spatial and temporal limitations in traditional methods.

Some of the most important characteristics and advantages of this apparatus are:

  1. increased crop yield and production
  2. decreased labor expenses
  3. lower seed consumption
  4. decreased time for preparing seedling trays (about 700 trays per hour)
  5. saving in water resources
  6. uniformity of seedlings and resulted mature plants
  7. increased area of mechanized cultivation
  8. higher precision in planting
  9. allowing second cropping in temperate climates
  10. ease of changing the parts and elimination of unnecessary components resulting in low complexity of the apparatus
  11. ease of transporting
  12. high tolerance of components against moisture and rust
  13. applicable of working by either electric generator or tractor P.T.O shaft according to client's order
  14. highly compatible with ordinary equipment of traditional farmers and possible to easily disassemble and reassemble by the farmers
  15. applicable to other nursery crops including tomato, eggplant, sugar beet, etc.
  16. equipped with automatic fuse to turn off the apparatus in the case of electric shock or mechanical stress to gear box and other parts



Technical details:

Tray delivery rate: 700 per hour, approximately


                length: 388 cm

                width: 37.5 to 39.5 cm

                height: 54 to 80 cm

Power transmission system: wheel and chain

Power source: 220 V electricity

Power of electromotor: 200 watt


Research history and related activities:

  1. Conducting several research projects for designing and manufacturing of the apparatus and fitting its characteristics to current practical conditions of orchards all over the country
  2. registered as patent in 2005 by the Iranian Organization for Registration of Documents
  3. considerably interested and accepted in native markets among farmers because of high advantages and low costs in comparison to traditional nursery preparation methods
  4. produced and service warranted all over the country by the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, Isfahan University of Technology branch




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