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Inquiry of Social Problems in Urban Field

West Iranian Ethnics

 Capabilities in specialized area:

• performing Social science researches at the regional level with the following issues:

- Language and Literature and the Arts

- Customs (dress and clothing, leisure, , local sports and ...)

- Religious beliefs and institutions

- Economic and social issues (crime rate, education, immigration, developmental policy)

- Political issues (public participation and political participation of ethnics, distribution of political opportunities, family relationships across border with the neighboring states).

• performing National and regional interdisciplinary studies in ethnic areas

• performing Demand-driven research for companies and organizations in the field of ethnic

• Providing  professional consulting and monitoring research activities focusing on ethnic issues

• holding meetings, research and training courses and workshops focusing on ethnic issues

 Completed Projects of specialized areas:

• Ethnic Atlas of Rural Society in Kermanshah province

A comparative study of the potential prevalence of anomy (social disorder) and its incidence factors in the cities of Islamabad and Javanrood.

• Ethnic studies

 Projects in progress:

• -ethnic issues In the province: opportunities, challenges

• - ways to promote a culture of law acceptance among ethnics

 Customers of product /professional services :

• - public and private institutions

• - universities and centers of higher education

• - Research and education institutions

 The items that can be offered in specialized areas:

•professional Social Services

• - Designing Research

• - specialized counseling

• - specialized training

• factors and components of identity creation

• Joint and employer demand projects in the following fields:

- Effect of global cultural, social and intellectual developments and processes on local identity

- studying  and identifying areas of convergence and divergence of subcultures and understanding causes and contextual factors of ethnic harmony

- Cultural relations between ethnicities

- The study and performing fundamental and applied researches in various fields of culture and civilization of ethnic groups in the West Country

- Fundamental and applied researches in the field of ethnic and religious minorities and subcultures of the West Country

- Study and research on recognizing factors, backgrounds, causes and the process of development of ethnic identity

- Study of historical relations  of  ethnics and the background and causes of their convergence and divergence

- Evaluation of the impact of regional and global events and trends on ethnic relations 


Workshops related to the specialized  area

• - National workshop on " methodology of ethnic studies"

•- National workshop on 'Theories of Culture'

The ACECR affiliate in charge:
Kermanshah Branch
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