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FM Radio Transmitter

Model: JDFM1000C

Because Radio-television network development program, after that ACECR branch K. N. T. researchers made the transmitters of VHF band, they began to design and making a 1 kw FM transmitter, in accordance with industries standards(Broadcast) from 1382.Now this device is produced and used after that the laboratory type and pilot of it passed numerous field test and confirm Islamic Republic Iran Broadcasting .We are the only designer and manufacturer of this product within the Iran.

Technical Specifications:

-             Nominal output power :1000 watts can be increased upto 10% (1200watts)

-             Output connector(female) : 7.16 inch

-             Deviation of nominal frequency : +/- 75 KHz

-             The power efficiency : 60%(DC to RF)

-          Pre-emphasis 50 and 75 micro seconds(switchable)

-             Protection systems for current, voltage, temperature and back

-             Isolation between two Stereo bands: greater than 40 dB

-             Harmonic attenuation to the main carrier, higher than 65dB

-             THD at nominal frequency deviation better than 55 dB

-             Remote control transmitter through the serial port

-             Attenuation 19 kHz after noise filtering, higher than 45 dB

-             Adjustable frequency step 10 kHz or 100 kHz (PLL circuit)

-             Frequency band from 87.5 to 108 MHZ(no need to set if frequency changes)

-             Weighted signal to noise greater than 65 dB(Mono)at 75 kHz frequency deviation

-             Unweighted signal to noise greater than 70 dB(Mono-at 75 kHz frequency deviation)


Special Features:

-             Protection VSWR(as Recycle)

-          Central monitoring and control of the transmitter (MCU)

-             Switching power supply with high efficiency and active PFC

-             IP-Based remote control system( Optional )

-             Automatic power control of RF power modules (APC)

-             Stereo modulator and also possible to get MPX input

-             Basic parameters monitoring system and registry errors

-          System for recording the current status of transmitter (Rack Memory)

-          Ability to broadcasting digital data with RDS protocol (Optional)

-             Voice input range from -10mdB to +10mdB(adjustable)

-          Dual excitation system with manual switch and automatic in emergency

-             All-transistor power amplifiers(MOSFET technology is used)

-          The transmitter can continue working without interruption in case of outages and damage to a power module

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