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Urban Management


1.     Assessment of major land uses in Mashhad city

2.     Determining and documentation of valuable urban places of Mashhad

3.     Urban organization role on employment

4.     Socioeconomic impacts of green space development in Mashhad

5.     Organization of construction workers in Mashhad

6.     Recognition of informal settlements in cities of khorasan Razavi province

7.     Territorial Management of Khorasan Razavi

8.     Access planning towards sustainable urban development

9.     Research on urban ecoparks

10.                        Research on the fasibity of creating and managing spatial databases in Mashhad municipality district 3

11.                        Evaluating health care plans accessibility in Mashhad


1.     Creating spacial, regional, and national databases

2.     Creating maps based on spatial data in GIS software

3.     Compiling comprehence urban plans (in the areas of green space, urban environment, old urban regions)

4.     Compiling short, medium, and long term programs in urban and regional fields

Published Articles:

1.     Role of border town of khorasan province in globalization and regional development

2.     Survey of social aspects of urban green spaces with emphasis on citizen views.

3.     The evaluation of urban management performance on the extension of public green spaces (parks) using topsis method

4.     Future instability of rural settlements and its impacts on marginalization in khorasan

5.     organizing urban activities on the entrance of regional metropolices

6.     As comparative research on marginalization in Sabzevar, Neyshabour, Torbat Heydarieh, and Gonabad

7.     Analysis of the spatial distribution of public libraries in Mashhad


1.     Analysis of the spatial distribution of public libraries in the Mashhad

2.     Green space and sustainable urban development

3.     The role of Priority in urban areas at the time of natural disasters (earthquake) in acheiving urban development

4.     Indicators of sustainability in urban informal settlements (Torbat)

5.     Analysis links population of Khorasan

6.     Optimize water use and management of urban green spaces (Case Study in Mashhad, Iran)

Published Books:

1.     Indentifying valuable urban spots

2.     A study on the realization of detailed urban plans

3.     Measurement of physical form of city


1.     Khorasan Razavi province governor and other provincal governors

2.     Municipalities

3.     Housing and urban development organization

4.     Universities and institutions in the field of urban management, urban planning, economy , and social sciences

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