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Recombinant protein group in Royan institute produces a series of recombinant growth factors to provide the vast and growing need of investigators in cell research, especially stem cell research with affordable prices. In order to ensure the quality of the produced recombinant proteins, quality tests, including tests of sterility, endotoxin levels and of Mycoplasma detection tests and biological assays of these proteins is performed according to
standard protocols. Royan recombinant proteins are at lower price than the imported ones, and are more accessable moreover they are sent in standard conditions, so they are the best choices for Iranian researchers. Technical support and guarantee of the proteins quality are another advantages of Royan recombinant proteins. At this time, human forms of bFGF, EGF, IGF-I, KGF, BMP4, GDNF and LIF and mouse LIF produced in Royan Institute.

growth factor-2 (FGF-2 or bFGF):
Fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2 or bFGF) is one of the most important growth factors in fibroblast growth factors family. This protein stimulates the growth and proliferation in mesenchymal, endothelial and neuroectodermal cells. bFGF is one of the most important factors in maintaining human stem cells in undifferentiated state.

growth factor (EGF):
Epidermal growth factor or EGF plays a
important role in the growth, proliferation and differentiation of different types of cells. Epidermal growth factor is found in a large number of mammalian species in different tissues and body fluids. EGF has many different and diverse biological effects, for example, it stimulates in proliferation and differentiation epithelial cells of skin, corneas, lungs, trachea and gastrointestinal tract.

inhibitory factor (LIF):
Leukemia inhibitory factor or LIF is
multi-functional glycoprotein of IL-6 family. LIF prevents  pontaneous differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) and maintains stemness phenotype. So it is an important supplement in mouse embryonic stem cell cultures.
mESCs can be maintained and proliferated in the laboratory without feeder layer using only LIF protein is present only in the maintenance and proliferation.


Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1): Insulin-like growth factor 1, IGF-1, plays an important role in proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and growth of tissues and also development of cancer cells. This factor is also important in stem cell research.

Recombinant Bone Morphogenetics Protein 4 (BMP4): Bone Morphogenetics Proteins family are a subfamily of TGF-β super family, which is involved in cell signaling from the early fetal life to adulthood. The members of this family are widely distributed in the body and affect various physiological processes. For example, BMP7 and BMP4 are involved in the development and maintenance of bones and cartilage.


Keratinocyte growth factor (KGF):
Keratinocyte growth factor or KGF is a member of fibroblast growth factor family and is also known as fibroblast growth factor 7 (FGF-7). The members of this family play central roles in cell survival and many biological processes including embryonic development, cell growth, morphogenesis, tissue repair, and also in growth and spread of some cancerous cells. KGF plays an important role in the regulation of embryonic development, proliferation and differentiation and normal

Glial Cell Line derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF): Glial Cell Line derived Neurotrophic Factor or GDNF is the nerve
growth factor which is important in maintenance of some sub-populations of neurons in the peripheral and central nervous during growth and development.


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