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The Warm Air Blower Machine for Frost Protection of Horticultural Crops

The warm air blower machine is a mobile heater which has been designed and

manufactured for active protection of orchard trees and horticultural crops against frost damages. It causes the air temperature to increase and makes the plants protected against frost through suction of cold air followed by warming and blowing it into the orchard environment. Considering high technical capabilities and potentials, it is highly suitable for practical conditions in the orchards and is known as one the best active frost protection methods for all fields and orchards which are encountered to spring frost damages.

Some of the most important characteristics and advantages :
  1. highly accepted by farmers and gardeners
  2. feasibility in use and application
  3. possibility to be used in mobile and standstill states (for indoor and outdoor spaces)
  4. low application expenses in comparison to other protection methods (such as wind machines, sprinklers, etc.)
  5. covering an extensive cultivated area in a rather short period of time
  6. capability of altering the output temperature
  7. capability of regulating the direction of exhausted warm air
  8. capability of using gas oil and liquid gas as the fuel
  9. low power consumption
  10. possibility of using both P.T.O shaft and electric engine as the power source
  11. providing optimum temperature for flowering of orchard trees
  12. making a delay in occurrence of dew point temperature
  13. evaporating the water drips caused by rain or irrigation to prevent their freezing on the fruit surface



Dimensions: 3.6 * 1.5 *1.5 m

Weight: 500 kilograms

Fuel capacity: 400 liters

Heat capacity: 400000 kcal/h

Fuel consumption rate: 40 lit/h

Warm air output: 70000 m3/h

Output air temperature: 80-100 °C

Width of covered area: 50-60 m (25-30 m each side)

Fuel type: Gas oil

Fan type: Axial 

Power source: P.T.O shaft

Minimum required power: 20 hp

Research history and related activities


  1. Conducting several research projects for designing and manufacturing of the apparatus and fitting its characteristics to current practical conditions of orchards all over the country
  2. Patent registeration in 2011 by the Iranian Organization for Registration of Documents
  3. The first and most effective produced equipment for active frost protection of plants in the country with completely native technical knowledge 
  4. Considerably accepted in native markets among farmers and gardeners because of high advantages and low costs in comparison to other protection methods
  5. Produced and service warranted by the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, Isfahan University of Technology Branch

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