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Radio Data System - RDS-Encoder

Model: 1500JDRDS

Application: Data transmission on FM radios as English and Persian text.Sending information on various radio waves with various applications such as advertising message, weather and other types of information.

RDS modulator (JDRDS1500) has been designed and built by ACECR researchers for first time in Iran in dimensions 1U for installation in standard rack and weight less than 2Kg

Radio Data System (RDS) is an FM standard published in 1998 for broadcasting auxiliary data about the Radio channels in FM Radio. It helps listener to have more information about the content of Radio channel that is broadcasting.

RDS includes more than 15 attributes. PS, DPS, AF, TA, TP, RT, CT, EON, PTY, PI and M/S are the most important specifications of RDS. ACECR K.N.Toosi branch has started to implement RDS as an independent module namely RDS Encoder from 2008.

After one year we tested our first industrial RDS encoder sample which passed quality testes in I.R.I.B FM lab. Now JDRDS1500 is working in many FM stations in IRAN.

This product has the following capabilities:

      RT: Sending radio text

      DPS: Dynamic Program Service

      PTY: Identifies the program type

      PS: Program Service Name

      TA: Presence a traffic message in network

      AF: Continuity in the receive signal from a specified network

      TP: Identifies the network that plays traffic messages

      M/S: Identifies the network type (speech or music player)

      CT: Transmission days, months, years, minutes and hours for time synchronization

       PI: This is the unique code that identifies the station while playing and determine local, national or   international

       EON: Provides the possibility to change the channel to a specific network (automatically tune into a special station in emergencies)

This product has been designed and built by ACECR researchers and it has best performance accordance with ACECR high power radio transmitters.

Winner of the Khwarazmi International Award

The most important attributes of our RDS ENCODER are:

  1. Enhanced Other Network(EON):
  2. Announces the listener about the existence of a channel which convey traffic program
  3. Program Service(PS)
  4. Dynamic PS(DPS)
  5. Open Data Application(ODA)
  6. Clock Time(CT)
  7. Radio Text(RT)
  8. Alternative Frequency(AF)
  9. Music/Speech(M/S)
  10. Traffic Announcement(TA)
  11. Traffic Program(TP)
  12. Program TYpe(PTY)

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