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Fields of Activity :
Research and Technology
Entrepreneurship and Job Creation
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Social and Human Sciences>Economics and Business>
Employment and Entrepreneurship

supplying services in research, education,  consulting and information for starting new businesses and expanding existing businesses.


Training courses in employment and entrepreneurship office:

1- 72 hours courses for business and entrepreneurship skills.

2- Training course for Organized creativity (TRIZ).

3- Course of instructor training for entrepreneurship based on step by step method.

4- Course of instructor training for entrepreneurship based on SIYB method(Start And Improve Your Business).

5- Organizational entrepreneurship course.


1- Entrepreneurial marketing.

2- Creativity in business.

3- Recognition and evaluation of opportunities in business.

4- Management of knowledge and innovation.

5- Organizational entrepreneurship.

6- Academic entrepreneurship.

7- Commercialization of innovation.

8- Production without factory.

9- Establishment of business networks and clusters.

10- Compilation and evaluation of Business plans.

11- Feasibility checking of investment projects.

12- Guidance and consulting in business.

13- Methods of supplying financial resources.

14- Teaching methods(advanced skills in teaching entrepreneurship).


Commercialization of knowledge and innovation.

Starting new businesses.

Developing existing businesses(organizational entrepreneurship).


supplying services in research, education,

consulting and information to university graduates.

Supplying scientific and consultation services for employment development to  organizations and foundations.

Supplying scientific and practical approaches for employment development in compilation of high level programs and policies of the country.

Establishment of business development centers, compilation of job type plans, expanding employment fields in IT area and business networks

Management and accomplishment of high level plans in the employment field.

Carrying out congresses, seminars and workshops related to the goals and policies of the organization and accomplishment of employment making plans.

Some Performed Projects and Researches:

Carrying out the first national congress of business and investment plan.

Compiling the document of employment and investment expansion in “Khorasan Razavi Province”.

Providing job consultation to about 10000 graduates.

Teaching entrepreneurship skills and giving certificate to 2000 individuals in these courses:

- Carrying out courses of instructor training for entrepreneurship based on SIYB and step-by-step method.


Carrying out 72 hours courses for business and entrepreneurship skills.


Carrying out more than 50 national and provincial workshops in diverse fields of entrepreneurship.


Carrying out more than 300 seminars in diverse fields of entrepreneurship in the province.


Completion of more than 50 research projects in diverse fields of entrepreneurship


University graduates

Individuals who have ideas or tend to establish business

Business owners

Organizations employees

Our offerings :
Research and Development Services
Development of Training Courses

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