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Fields of Activity :
Research and Technology
Entrepreneurship and Job Creation
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Social and Human Sciences>Management and Planning>
Social and Human Sciences>Economics and Business>
Social and Human Sciences>Development Studies>
Social and Human Sciences>Civil Administration>
Urban Economy


-         Evaluation of national and regional economic development issues

-         Conducting comprehensive national and regional researches

-         Economic studies in the field of environment and sustainable development

-         Evaluation and prediction of economic indicators and evaluation of policies and programs

-         Modeling supply and demand systems for various goods and services

-         Urban economy and tourism-related research

-         Conducting researches related to tourism sectors of the economy



-         Applicable for managers and administers of urban services


Some Performed Projects and Researches:

-         Evaluation of the methods to increase peoples participation in the execution of source-seperation plans for the waste

-         Evaluation of the effects of targeted subsidies on the transportations within Mashhad

-         Evaluation and identification of strategies for green taxation and its impact on improving environmental and welfare of Mashhad

-         Investigation of private sector participation and interest in investment in green spaces of Mashhad

-         Preparation of the development, employment, and investment policies of Razavi Khorasan province

-         Review and documentation of successful projects and academic achievements in the field of urban management


Published articles:

-         Identifying target markets of Iran hand-made carpet and its comparatine advantages

-         The competitive advantages of agricultural activities of north khorasan province

-         The measurement of agricultural development degrees

-         Evaluation of investment in the field of agricultural research in Iran

-         Investigations of factors influencing insurers satisfaction of agricultural insurance in khorasan

-         The review and identification of the optimal stock portfolio companies active in food industry in Tehran stock exchange

-         Assessment of urban management performance in the intension of public green spaces (parks) using TOPSIS method

-         Determination of agricultural exports capacity of Razavi Khorasan province emphasizing Iran’s membership in WTO

-         Evaluating factors affecting labor productivity in the agriculture sector of Iran- identification of strengths and wealnesses of foreign trade development in Khorasan

-         Evaluating factors affecting saffron production in Khorasan


-         Private and public organizations and agencies

-         Universities and higher education centers

-         Research and tourism centers

Our offerings :
Feasibility Studies
Research and Development Services
Bilateral or Multilateral Research Cooperation
Research Design

The ACECR affiliate in charge:
Mashhad Branch
Petroleum Industry
Rail Transportation
Power Generation
Renewable Energy
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